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An Interactive Dinosaur Encounter 

Rocky, our 3 year old T-Rex who is 18ft. long by 9ft.

Our young T-Rex Walking Dinosaur is accompanied by our trainer and Dinosaur Paleontologist. With this monstrous real life animatronic dinosaur, it won’t require a lot of imagination for the children. 

If you’re looking to Rent a Dinosaur for your party or event, just for an appearance you can do that.

We provide more options than just our walking dinosaur appearance!

Rocky the Dino can appear with a baby dinosaur, held and presented by our dinosaur trainer and paleontologist.  Beside the spectacle of these magical creatures, our dinosaur party entertainment comes with activities including our collection of dinosaur relics, artifacts and fossils. The guests can touch and hold all of these fossils as our trainer and Paleontologist educates guests in a fun interactive show to learn about the prehistoric age.  Your children will be talking about this dinosaur party entertainment for years to come.

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