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About Freddy
MC/Dancer Freddy is a true gifted entertainer with 10 years of experience in the professional dance community and the party industry. Starting out as a party motivator for AJH, Freddy has danced and entertained at many parties on the east coast. His dancing ability and Emcee skills allow Freddy to capture any size audience, from adults to kids. Freddy has an extensive knowledge of music through his dance career it allows him to create the perfect play-list with the DJ so the flow of your party is seamless. His high energy from beginning to end goes unnoticed, but he always gives attention to the guest of honor because he feels that he has to create that entertaining environment that everyone will be comfortable with. Freddy strongly believes that with great music, dancing and amazing talent everyone will have a fantastic time. Freddy also is one of our bilingual Emcees he speaks fluent Spanish and could put that special touch on your event.
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